HAHN & PARTNER Unternehmensberatung: Corporate consulting for sustainable business success!


Are you planning to introduce a management system or do you wish to improve the structures, processes or profitability of your company?

We have the ideal solutions for you!


As a provider of business consultation services for integrated process consulting and organization, we specialize in sustainable improvement of the operational capacity of companies with a particular focus on companies in the construction and manufacturing industry as well as the energy and water supply sector. 


Over 16 years of experience


Founded in 1999 and originally focused on the implementation of management systems and the accompanying trainings and workshops, we have now expanded our range of services into a modular consultation concept that similarly incorporates the contiguous consultation fields of reorganization, process management, and operational restructuring. As a professional partner, we are therefore able to support our customers with all issues to do with the operational organization and improvement of the operational performance. 

Consulting modules

Potential challenges

  • Inefficient or totally uncontrolled processes
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Uncoordinated corporate management
  • High energy costs and high number of errors and accidents
  • Missing out on procurements
  • Doubts about the company’s legal certainty 

  • Missing corporate goals and culture
  • Ambiguous responsibilities and authorities
  • Unclear division of tasks
  • Redundant or unproductive activities
  • Inflated hierarchies
  • Unmotivated employees

  • Unknown, undocumented or uncontrolled business processes
  • No continuous measurement or optimization of the process performance
  • Process results do not meet the requirements
  •  Goal conflicts between departments
  • Neglecting of customer and market requirements

  • Employees are not developed systematically
  • Lack of staff motivation
  • Poor utilization of organizational knowledge
  • Workshops run without any appreciable results
  • Poor implementation of the set measures

  • Declining sales proceeds and market shares
  • Decreasing customer acquisition
  • Declining profits on sales
  • Falling margins
  • Deterioration of the balance sheet figures
  • Increase in working capital

Our solutions


Development, implementation, integration, and support of certifiable management systems in compliance with national and international standards as well as assistance in obtaining professional industry-specific certifications.


Management systems & professional certification


Establishment of management and control instruments as well as optimization of the organizational structures and task division to best operationalize the corporate goals and strategies.




Recording, documentation, implementation, and optimization of business processes for sustainable improvement of transparency, process efficiency, and quality.


Process management


Organizing and conducting trainings and workshops for continuous development of employees as well as solution-oriented handling of different tasks.


Trainings & Workshops


Developing and implementing operational restructuring measures as a tool for proactive management aimed at increasing income and saving costs.


Operational restructuring