As a family-run business consultancy for integrated organizational and process consulting with more than 20 years of experience, we specialize in the sustained improvement in operational performance, especially of companies in the construction industry, the manufacturing sector and the utility industry.


Originally focused on the introduction and development of management systems, we have since expanded our consulting services to a modular concept that also includes the adjacent consulting areas of process management, reorganization as well as trainings and workshops. This enables us to advise our clients as a professional partner in all aspects of corporate organization and optimization of operational performance.

Company Policy

As a business consultancy, we make a significant impact on our customers' businesses through our recommendations and operational work. We therefore do our utmost to provide our customers with optimum advice at all times. In order to ensure this, we have not only aligned our internal structures and processes, but have always acted in accordance with our inviolable values and principles in all inquiries, offers and customer relationships.


We believe that only with outstanding quality in our people, processes, equipment and methods can we provide our customers with high quality services and effective work results according to their needs.


Our customers should be convinced at all times to be working with a professional and qualified partner. Our attitude to development and improvement is characterized by openness, proactivity and innovation. We do not hold on to old structures but regularly put the status quo to the test.

Our values:

  • Quality 
    Our services and work results should always exceed the requirements of our customers. For this purpose, we operate an active quality management and continuously develop our qualifications and services.
  • Partnership 
    Our cooperation with all business partners is based on a partnership that is characterized by equal rights and mutual respect.
  • Honesty
    We engage in open and honest communication and abide by applicable law in all activities.
  • Objectivity
    We maintain an objective stance in our recommendations and represent an independent opinion to all persons.
  • Confidentiality
    We give the highest priority to the protection of all data and information provided to us. Our IT systems are designed for this purpose.
  • Responsibility
    We stand behind our services, recommendations and work results and show personal responsibility for our customers and society.

Our principles:

  • We only accept orders if we have the necessary expertise to guarantee their successful fulfillment.
  • We accept orders only if we have the necessary capacity for quality and on time performance.
  • We recommend and offer only those services that contribute to meeting customer requirements.
  • We ensure that our fee is always consistent with the service provided.
  • We only provide fixed price offers if an objective assessment of the expected workload is possible.
  • We handle the resources and property of our customers responsibly and sparingly.
  • We adhere to agreements on work results, deadlines and costs without any exception.
  • We inform our customers early on unforeseeable problems and necessary deviations from the plan.