unique selling points

We are proud of our unique selling points and are convinced that these will serve to your advantage.


 Reliable, flexible and sustainable family business with over 20 years of experience

 Highest customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships 

    (Recommendation rate >95%, 40% of customers >10 Jahre)

 Proven quality of our services and organisation
    (Member of Germany's federal association of management consultants, DIN EN ISO 9001 certification)

 Relevant industry experience and well-known references

 Modular consultancy approach and coverage of all major standards

 Seamless integration of complementary services from our modules process management, reorganization, workshops and trainings


 Complementary and current employee qualifications

 Currently informed by participation in relevant specialist and expert groups

 Use of proven tools, methods and software solutions

 100% success rate for external certification audits

 Extensive internal and external audit experience (> 1,000 audit days)

 Direct contacts with certification bodies and relevant partner companies