Consulting approach

The central module of our consultation concept is the creation of tailor-made management systems. These provide a very effective tool for successful corporate management due to their integrated consideration of structures, processes, and organizational players. In line with the corresponding company-specific situation, we also help attain industry-specific certifications and enable realization of goal-oriented optimizations using specialized consultation modules. 


Management Systems:

Our consultation services in the field of management systems and professional certifications come in handy when designing and developing a needs-based system: The fulfillment of all set objectives of the individual business practice is always kept in view when optimizing the systems to optimally meet the customer’s requirements. Since the motivating factor behind the introduction of a management system is different from company to company, we offer our customers two alternative implementation approaches.


In our central consultation module, we develop, implement and integrate certifiable management systems, offer continuous support, and assist in obtaining industry-specific certifications. In addition to quality, occupational safety, security, environmental protection, energy, project and risk management systems that comply with numerous national and international standards, we also cover professional certifications in accordance with professional and industry associations. 



Process Management:

Almost all companies have a clearly defined organizational structure. Divisions, departments, staff functions and hierarchies are often well defined. However, the operational structure of a company is usually not defined in a comprehensible manner. Process management makes it possible to visualize processes that go beyond divisional and departmental boundaries, and that are at times complex, in order to finally align them with the corporate strategy and realize targeted improvements aimed at increasing process efficiency and quality.


With the process management module, we hereby guide you through all steps of a comprehensive process management. Starting with the assimilation, documentation, introduction of your business processes up to holistic process optimization. 




Companies operate in a constantly changing environment. In particular, changing customer expectations, new competitors, macro-economic or technological developments make it necessary to regularly adapt the corporate strategy. In order to best implement the selected strategy and achieve the set goals, changes in the organizational structure of the company are needed from time to time.


With the reorganization module, we at HAHN & PARTNER Unternehmensberatung guide you through the implementation of management and control tools, conducting of maturity analyses and self-assessment tests, as well as task analyses and synthesis. 



Trainings & Workshops:

The human being is an integral part of every organization. Thus, many changes in the structural or process organization, for instance  in connection with the implementation of operational restructuring measures or introduction of a management system, must always be accompanied by measures for the further development of the affected employees. This is because only optimally qualified employees are able to act in accordance with the defined structures and processes.


For this reason, HAHN & PARTNER Unternehmensberatung plans and conducts individual trainings for you in connection with our consultation services. We also organize workshops for problem-solving work in small groups.