In addition to extensive professional and methodological know-how, the relevant industry experience is also key in ensuring effective business consulting.

In order to optimally adapt our services to industry-specific attributes as well as the individual requirements of the customers, we usually focus on companies in the construction industry, manufacturing sector, as well as energy and water supply.

In addition, we have extensive audit experience in a number of other industries and our customers can also benefit from the transfer of foreign industry solution approaches and best practices. 

Construction industry

Main construction industry

(Construction companies that specialize in buildings, civil engineering, road and bridge construction, railway and road construction, hydraulic engineering, cable and pipeline construction, concrete construction, and special civil engineering)


Building installation

(Companies that specialize in the installation of electricity, gas, water, heater and air conditioners)


Manufacturing industry

Manufacturers and repairers

(e.g. of industrial equipment, ships and ship components, support structures and metal structures, tanks and pressure vessels, pipelines, motors, turbines, and pumps)

Energy and utilities

Oil, gas, energy and water extraction

(Drilling companies, well drilling and development companies, engineering offices, technical planners, cavern operators, and companies in the field of geothermal energy)


Energy and water supply

(Utility companies with own supply networks)